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About us


The Licking County Trail 2 Health  project is a service of the Licking County Health Department. This  project's goal is to improve the health and quality of life of our residents by increasing their use of bike and hiking trails. You can support this program and other wellness initiatives by donating to the Public Health Partnership of Licking County.

To add information or ask a question use our contact form, call (740) 349-6535, or mail information to 675 Price Road, Newark Ohio 43055.

Support Your Trails


T. J. Evans Foundation

The maintenance and repair of our trails is required to assure their accessibility and enjoyment by everyone.

Much of the trail system has been made possible through the generosity of the T. J. Evans Foundation.

T.J. Evans Foundation, 25 E Walnut Street Newark, OH 43055-5406 | (740) 349-8276

Licking County Trails Alliance
Preserve, promote and maintain the recreational trails in Licking County . Donate

Licking County Park District
The Licking Park District maintains over 20 miles of hiking and horseback riding trails in addition to most of the T.J. Evans Recreational Trail.